Deep Tissue Massage helps to realign the deeper layers of the muscles.

If you suffer from chronic pains and aches or areas of your body that feel contracted like your shoulders, neck or back, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can help. Your massage therapist will will work on your body applying pressure to the areas affected. Deep Tissue Massage uses similar techniques as regular massage but incorporates greater pressure that is controlled systematically.  Deeper pressure and slower movement will be  applied to the affected area in order to reach the deeper ares of your muscles. If you have chronic muscle tension you may feel a band of painful area and it may feel a painful band that is rigid. This area known as an adhesion can cause pain, block circulation and make our movement limited. Inflammation can occur. Deep Tissue Massage can eliminate or reduce this and help you to restore your regular movement. It can make you feel stiff the next day, so it is important that you communicate with your therapist during treatment if you feel too much pressure.